May 2020 Financial Update

May 2020 Net Worth update: 68,935.87 It is that time of the month, when you sit down and figure out the monthly expenditures, savings, and the increase in value of your portfolio.  Interesting enough, we have had a pretty good … Read More

Financial Independence Equals Freedom

People talk about retirement all the time. Will there be social security in retirement? Will you have enough money when you retire? What will you do when you retire? These are all great questions. The one thing that sticks out … Read More

Welcome to the Frugal Expat

Hi! My name is Steve Cummings, and I am the Frugal Expat. I am going, to be honest I have not always been frugal, and I have not always been an expat. Living life in Taipei, Taiwan has taught me … Read More