The Simplicity of Index Funds

If investing seems hard then you make it too hard. It can be simple, and the simplicity relies on the form of investing in all stocks by using Index Funds. People have been taught that mutual fund managers are the … Read More

Budgeting using the 50/30/20 Rule

Steve CummingsI’m Steve. I’m an English Teacher, traveler, and an avid outdoorsman. If you’d like to comment, ask a question, or simply say hi, leave me a message here, on Twitter (@thefrugalexpat1). Many of my posts have been written to … Read More

The Concept of Pay Yourself First

If you read a lot of investing books or blogs sometimes you may hear the concept of “Pay Yourself First.” I am not sure who coined the term, but as I read the book “The Richest Man in Babylon” I … Read More

What’s the deal with VTSAX?

One of the biggest things personal finance bloggers and authors talk about it is VTSAX. What is the deal with VTSAX? Is it so great? Why does everyone mention it? Does it have an ETF? How can I make wealth … Read More

My Story into Finances

Hello, my name is Steve Cummings. As an American Expat living in Taiwan, I have learned many things about the financial world. I have learned about saving, investing, and I have started my journey to financial independence. Here is a … Read More

June Net Worth: Summer is here and hot

June 2020 Net Worth update: 72,120.72 It is that time of the month that I look at my Net Worth. Looking at spending, incomes, and any side hustles I was working, it seems like Mrs. FE and myself did pretty … Read More

The Magic of the 4% Rule

When talking about financial goals I always mention the 4% rule. You may be wondering, what am I even talking about. Yes, the 4% rule. It is the rule that helps guide individuals to the magical retirement number. The 4% … Read More

A Lazy Portfolio using the KISS Method

We are not all born with gifts to analyze the stock market. There is no magical power to become the next Warren Buffet. He is just one of a kind. We do have an opportunity to create wealth for each … Read More

Expat Millionaire Teachers

Hey Teachers of the world, I am talking to you. It is time to think differently. Time to change your habits and get thinking smarter. It is that time to make all of your hard work worth it. It is … Read More