It is time to build wealth with lazy portfolios.

In this hard working life of mine, I have found that time is valuable. We all want to make time for family, friends, and even fun experiences. The problem is that we also need to invest for our future. Creating … Read More

How Owning Assets is Better than a Job.

After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad, most people come under the conclusion that owning assets is better than having liabilities. That is so true. “The rich people acquire assets. The poor and middle class acquire liabilities that they … Read More

Winter is here, December Net Worth 2020

December 2020 Net Worth update: $155,880 The end of 2020 has come, and now it is time to see how our Net Worth did in the month of December. We gained an additional +$10,050 for the month of December. In … Read More

Delaying Gratification for the win.

“Patience is a virtue” my father would always say to me. If you think about it, patience truly is a virtue. Oftentimes, we want things now. That is not the way the world works. Those that want instant gratification often … Read More