Month: March 2021

Those Money Haters are Gonna Hate

Steve Cummings

Recently, I created a Facebook post that brought on a ton of heat. It was so much heat that friends ...

The 6 Best Tax Software to Help You do Taxes

Steve Cummings

During this tax season time we have to wonder about how each person is doing. Do taxes stress you out? ...

Why do we fear our taxes

Why do we fear doing taxes?

Steve Cummings

It is that season once again. That season that most of us dread. Tax Season. Taxes are a basic part ...

How much do real estate agents make

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make and How to be Successful At It

Jonathan Sanchez

If you’re considering starting a new career as a real estate agent, you’re probably wondering, “How much do real estate ...

How Chasing Returns is a loser’s Game?

Steve Cummings

FOMO and greed is something that people feel when they feel they are missing out on things. It is a ...

The Winter Break, February 2021 Net Worth Update

Steve Cummings

February 2021 Net Worth update: $166,005 It is that time of the month when we update our Net Worth. The ...