Month: October 2021

zero-based budgeting

How to Budget Using Zero-Based Budgeting

Steve Cummings

Budgeting is not an easy thing. Like most people, you want to make managing money an afterthought. You know the ...

NFL and Debt

The NFL and IOU: 10 Debt Lessons You Can Learn from Football Players

Don Silvestri

In the 1990s, football was my life. I was a placekicker for the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, and Buffalo ...

Interpersonal Skills

The 10 Interpersonal Skills You Need Today for a Successful Career


Interpersonal skills are essential in our lives, but how many people think about their importance to the success of their ...

Traveling jobs

The 27 Best Traveling Jobs To Make Money While Traveling

Steve Cummings

Traveling is something that many of us would like to do, and getting paid while traveling is a dream come ...

24 Things to do on the Finger Lakes

24 Must Do Activities in the Finger Lakes

Mikkel Woodruff

The Finger Lakes is an area in northwestern New York filled with beauty and many things to do during any ...

long term airbnb

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Airbnb Accommodations

Cassandra Karpiak

Planning a vacation is expensive. Finding the perfect long-term vacation rental can stretch your vacation dollars further. Airbnb long-term travel ...

women in stem

Women In STEM: 5 Challenges To Overcome & Achieve Success

Sanjana Vig

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Women in STEM refers to women in these fields. This phrase comes ...

traveling with kids

Top 10 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Cassandra Karpiak

Traveling with kids can be challenging. So it's important to know what to pack, how to make traveling more manageable, ...

Accidentally Retired

It Takes Two to FIRE- Accidentally Retired

Steve Cummings

Welcome to It Takes Two to FIRE. This interview series has been developed in collaboration with my friend Cristian Ferrier from the Financial Alien. Both ...

jobs that pay well

12 Surprising Jobs that Pay Well

Monica Fish

Who doesn’t want a high-paying job? You’re spending most of your day working hard away from your family, and you ...

what happens to credit card debt when you die

What Happens to Credit Card Debt When You Die: Get the Knowledge to Protect Your Assets

Lyle David Solomon

What happens to credit card debt when you die is a question that may seem difficult to answer. The last ...