The Best 25 Jobs that Pay Weekly in 2022

jobs that pay weekly

Are you looking for jobs that pay weekly? You know that you will get paid based on your work at the end of the week.  Are there jobs that can provide you with this flexibility? And if you can get … Read More

The Power of FU Money: How it gives you control

The power of FU money

Let me start off with apologizing about sounding too crass. Yes FU money literally refers to F-you. Now, in the way I am using it we would like to give it a place in the financial world. FU money is … Read More

Fidelity Zero Fee Funds: Are They Really Free?

Fidelity Zero Fee Funds

Did I read that word right? Free, you say? Whenever we hear the word “Free,” we think there must be some gimmick. There is something that they are trying to sell us to get our money, but is Fidelity giving … Read More

VTSAX vs FZROX, who is the best?


VTSAX is one of my favorite funds. It is simple, easy, and it has low expenses. This index fund tracks the Total Stock Market, and it is efficient. As everyone knows, new products come out all the time. Fidelity released … Read More