What’s the Deal with 6 Figures?

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6 Steps to Hitting Financial Freedom

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What is Liquid Net Worth.

What is Liquid Net Worth?

Every month, I put out a net worth statement just so that I can personally track how my net worth has been improving. Recently, I have seen many other people put out their net worth as well. As I look … Read More

Most Iconic Road Trips in Every State

road trip

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A Roadmap to Wealth

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Those Money Haters are Gonna Hate

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The 6 Best Tax Software to Help You do Taxes

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Why do we fear doing taxes?

Why do we fear our taxes

It is that season once again. That season that most of us dread. Tax Season. Taxes are a basic part of life. Governments work off of taxes. It pays for schools, it pays for police, and infrastructure. Yet, we still … Read More

How Chasing Returns is a loser’s Game?

FOMO and greed is something that people feel when they feel they are missing out on things. It is a problem in our society. Social media perpetuates this feeling of need, and we surrender ourselves to the fear of missing … Read More