11 Tips to Change your Habits

Have you ever had the intention of not spending that much money during the month? You went and bought some groceries, but you are just so tired to cook at the end of the day, so you order out. The thought of stress brings up binge spending as you look for things that can bring back happiness into your life. Stop spending so much money. 



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As we look at spendings, we need to figure out how to stop spending money. It is the thing that may derail our financial goals or lack of goals altogether. We have something in life that may trigger us to continue spending, and the lack of discipline halts all progress. 

Triggers that cause spending

We need to understand the why of spending money. Many people have things in life that cause them to spend money. It could be a part of their lifestyle, work environment, habits, or even stress. When we know what drives us to stress, we can change and make a difference in our lives.


Buying things is never a good stress reliever. It will create more stress, which will end up making more spending. The brief dopamine that you may get from buying things will not last as long. The more you buy, the less happiness comes from it. 

1. Track Your Spending

How to Stop Spending Money: 11 Tips to Change Your Habits

It is always good to know where you are with your spending. When trying to figure out how to stop spending money, it is best to know how much you are spending on each category. 


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2. Set up Financial Goals Having goals is a great way to know how to stop spending money. Once you create your goals, you will want to achieve your goals. Achieving your goals is going to take the necessary steps. 

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An excellent simple budget would be the 50/30/20 budget. This helps break down some of the items you may see in a regular budget, plus it will give you room to save.

3. Learn How to Budget

4. Use Cash Envelops

You split your money into different categories that are labeled on the envelopes. You put the allotted amount in the envelopes, and when that cash is gone, you no longer can spend until the next month. It is a simple and easy way to create a system of no spending. 

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