12 Best Travel Apps for a More Relaxed Vacation

Traveling during covid has just made planning a trip even more complicated, with testing and entry requirements changing by the day.

Luckily there are some incredible travel apps to make these tasks more manageable for you!

1. Trip Advisor

Tripadvisor is best for planning a trip ahead of time compared to last-minute deal hunting. It's an excellent resource when traveling!

It's not an app, but with World Nomads Insurance, you can get quick, affordable travel coverage at your fingertips – no matter where you are in the world.

2. World Nomads Insurance

3. The Weather  Channel App

The app has all sorts of information, including forecasts, radar imagery, satellite images, and heat maps. 

4. The Google Translate App

The best part about the app is that you can download language packs on your phone for offline translation.

5. Money App

Traveling isn't cheap. There aren't many ways to make money while on the go. If you'd like to make money online while traveling, The Money App makes it easy to do so.