13 Best Recession Proof Stocks To Weather the Storm

Are you worried about a recession destroying your portfolio? In times of turmoil, people worry about their investments, money, and their financial futures. 

In times of trouble like these, some companies can bring about stability. These companies are part of a group of recession-proof stocks to help you ride out the rockiness of the recession.

When a recession hits, Walmart tends to do better. This is because their prices are low and therefore people would prefer to shop there. 

1. Walmart (WMT)

Target, like Walmart, beat the recession of 2008, and now they have put in the work into their online presence as well. They invested in their online sales. 

2. Target (TGT)

As people were stuck at home, they no longer could go to bars. So the cocktail mixers sold by Pepsi Co. rose by 36% in 2020 alone.

3. Pepsi Co. (PEP)

4. Lowes (LOW)

The pandemic caused many people to be stuck at home. As a result, home projects increased for households. The revenue for Lowes rose 23.5% in the first nine months of 2020. 

5. McDonald’s (MCD)

As a shareholder, you will know that their dividend has continued to increase every year for the last 32 years.

In two decades, Rollins has had uninterrupted growth. They are now the largest pesticide company in the U.S. and possibly the largest in the world. 

6. Rollins (ROL)

Half of the stock is owned by Hormel Foundation. They work on trying to continue to grow their income and dividend each year. 

7. Hormel Foods