13 of the Best International Travel Destinations for Singles

Are you a person that enjoys traveling overseas?   Below is a study of some amazing international travel destinations for singles.

North America

Canada has given birth to some Alist celebrities like Drake and the Weeknd. Besides that, Canada is a great place to visit. There is so much to do and see there, so you need to take at least one trip there.




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One of the reasons to visit Canada is to experience its outdoors. I believe that everyone should be able to survive in the wilderness. You can get a feel of that environment in the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia.

Mexico is one of the most popular tourist destinations.  I've been there once during a cruise and truly enjoyed it. Families and single adults will enjoy Mexico due to the plethora of attractions and destinations within the country.

Central America & Caribbean


‘Spilligate.'  That is Bahamian slang for going out on the town.  The Bahamas is a place you should visit.  It is a beautiful island in the Caribbean.  It can be expensive, so if you travel there, make sure you save your coins.  Bahamas has gorgeous beaches that will erase the memories of those unclean beaches here in the US.

Dominican Republic

If you love to socialize or want to relax in town, you should visit Puerto Plata.  I have tons of Dominican friends, and many agree that Puerto Plata is a fun destination. There are inclusive resorts where you can pay around $100 nights and less.  Not to mention there is a lot of eye candy at these spots.

Ghana is the music festivals. Whether you enjoy dancing or not, you will have the time of your life in Ghana.  One of the biggest festivals in Africa is Afronation, a music festival that attracts thousands of people worldwide. Much of the music played is Afro beats, a mix of  Soca, hip hop, dance hall, and other popular urban music genres.


South Africa

The media has often portrayed Africa as poor and undeveloped. There are impoverished areas in the continent, but there are modernized nations as well. South Africa is one of those countries with a good economy. 

I love Italian food, so Italy instantly came to my mind when creating this list of international travel destinations. It is a beautiful place to visit. There are cities like Rome and Milan which you will enjoy. Italy is not a big country but if you travel there your time won't be wasted.



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London London is another European country that you need to visit. There are so many places to visit in London that I had difficulty writing this tiny blurb. I'll mention some of the spots to visit. Paris When I would hear the word “Paris,” what instantly came to mind was chic and fabulous.  Indeed, it's a pretty country that you will love to visit by yourself or with a romantic partner. 

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