15 Outstanding Things to Do in Peru

Choosing the greatest things to explore in Peru may be difficult because it is home to some of the world's best tourist attractions, ranging from mountain climbs to desert dunes to Machu Picchu.

The country, perhaps one of the coolest in the world, has much to show that visiting it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for every hodophile.

Get the Most out of Lima

Lima provides relief and fascinating alternatives to the oppressive crowds and bus travel waiting for you along the Gringo Trail because it is only a few hour's drive from the coast, the mountains, and the jungle.

Even though Huacachina appears to be a panorama from the Sahara Desert, Huacachina is actually in Peru.

Sandboard or Take a Buggy Ride in Huacachina

Even though more water is now pumped to the oasis from the nearby city of Ica, it is still a cool location. Sandboarding and driving dune buggies are popular pastimes in this “oasis of the Americas.”

Machu Picchu, a magnificent Inca city, is positioned 300 meters above the Urubamba River on a ridge. It is one of the most striking sites for a deserted city worldwide.

Explore Machu Picchu

You can see why the Incas picked this location for their city when you're standing close to the caretaker's cottage and gazing out over Machu Picchu

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