15 Tips on How to Negotiate Salaries

Learning how to negotiate salaries serves you well throughout your career. 

Rather than simply taking the initial offer, you can learn how to negotiate salaries confidently without seeming pushy. The following salary negotiation tips will help.

Your monthly budget is an underlying part of your salary negotiation strategy. Knowing your budget helps you identify your absolute minimum salary requirements.

Know Your Budget

Don’t limit your salary research to the web. Speak with recruiters specializing in your field.

Know Your Worth

Compare your range with the salary range you uncovered in your research. Make sure you are not overvaluing yourself or selling yourself short.

Set Your Range

Avoid Discussing Salary History

Revealing your current salary puts you in a position of negotiating against yourself.

Negotiate at the Right Time

Negotiating your salary after receiving an offer is generally better than during the interview process. 

A job with a salary at the lower end of your desired range could come with a very generous employee benefits package. That could influence negotiations.

Consider the Whole Package

If the salary is firm, you can negotiate additional benefits or perks. The company may view benefits as a less costly way of keeping employees happy.  

Negotiate Benefits and Perks