16 Do's and Don'ts on How to Become a Millionaire

It's no longer “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” but how to become a millionaire. You don't have to be a contestant on a game show, win the lottery, or receive a windfall from a relative. 

Just follow the 16 Do's and Don'ts in this post, and you'll be on the road to becoming a millionaire.

Millionaires think about how their money can work for them, not just how they can work for money.

Four Money Mindsets Used by Millionaires

The majority of millionaires utilize the compounding nature of time, where growth builds on itself over time.

1. Use Time to Your Advantage

Millionaires develop written financial plans that serve as roadmaps to reach their destination. 

2. Create Financial Goals

3. Millionaires Increase Earnings

Increased earnings can be invested and grow into future millionaire wealth.

4. Millionaires Also Decrease Their Spending

The truth is that most millionaires find ways to decrease their spending. They don't buy dumb crap.