19 Great Alternatives to Amazon

Amazon’s efficiency is second to none, which is why it’s hard for so many of us to ditch the service. However, there are some alternatives to Amazon that you can use.

Why Do I Need an Alternative to Amazon?

Although Amazon is efficient and convenient, it has a reputation for treating its employees poorly. Low wages, long hours, and high stress are par for the course for most employees. It’s understandable to want to vote with your money and not support a company that operates this way.


Although there’s no one “best” alternative, there are many options. Whether you are a buyer or a seller looking for everyday items or niche handcrafted goods, there is an alternative that is perfect for you. Here are the best alternatives to Amazon for everything that you might need.

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What is the Best Alternative to Amazon?

Alternatives to Amazon for Everyday Essentials

There are other online shops you can head to for the same great deals on household essentials. These online retailers cover home décor, apparel, household goods, and anything you need for your home.


Overstock is an online retailer that sells a variety of household items. They offer furniture, home goods, jewellery, and all types of home décor. One limitation of Overstock is that they don’t have a clothing and apparel product category, so if you are shopping online for new clothes, this isn’t the best option.


Target is the best option for household items. They have everything you might need, from groceries, personal care items, household necessities, and clothing. The great thing about shopping online at Target is that you are less likely to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need.


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Brick and Mortar Online Stores

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Most brick-and-mortar retailers have online stores as well. If you can’t find what you need at Target’s online store, check Walmart or Bed Bath & Beyond.

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