23 Best Recession Proof Jobs

There's no guarantee you can go out today and easily land one of these professions, but with a little bit of planning and training, you can certainly increase your chances.

If you are starting your new career in the workforce, thinking about a career change, or protecting yourself whenever the next recession comes around, below are a few ideas to get you started.

We can't control when we get sick or will need other medical attention. Recession or not, a profession in the healthcare industry will be a safe place to be. Doctors, Nurses, and other licensed professionals will be needed no matter the economic conditions.

Recession Proof Jobs

Healthcare Industry



Physical Therapy

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Sticking to a healthcare-related profession, physical therapists will be in need during a recession without much decline. People will continue to get hurt, have surgery to recover from, and require many other services physical therapists can provide.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technicians

The top professions that come to mind are pharmacists and pharmacy technicians. Both require formal training and education that doesn't happen overnight but are entirely worth the time and effort.


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Big Pharma Most pharmaceutical companies would be a safe place to work, but the big ones are safer. Companies such as Merck, Novartis, Eli Lilly, etc., have offices worldwide and positions for people with different skills and education levels. 

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Senior Care Workers

Getting old is never fun, and some of us will need more help than others. The senior care industry will always have a demand. It could be working in a facility or visiting clients in their homes, ensuring they have everything they need.

Medical conditions aren't limited to just us humans. All our furry friends and critters will still need the same medical care as well. People might be skipping the groomers or hold off on other low-priority issues.


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