23 of the Best Recession Proof Jobs

If a recession hits you want to know if your job is going to be safe. Here is a great list of 23 best recession proof jobs

What are Recession Proof Jobs

Most people associate with recession are job losses. Unfortunately, there are no jobs that are 100% safe when it comes to being in a recession, but there are jobs and industries that tend to fare better.

1. Health Industry Recession or not, a profession in the healthcare industry will be a safe place to be.

2. Physical Therapy People will continue to get hurt, have surgery to recover from, and require many other services physical therapists can provide.

4. Finance Industry

4. Financial advisors will need to help people budget their money better or figure out the best places to pull additional funds from if required.

5. Legal Professionals Lawyers will be required for all sorts of legal advice and help. Paralegals, legal assistants, researchers, and many many more all help keep the legal world moving.

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