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4 American Experiences That Every Tourist Should Have

The U.S. is a massive place, and many tourists need to realize how big of a place it is.

Each state and region has its pros and cons, and you cannot judge the whole country by different areas, but be open to seeing some classic things in the states, like baseball games, county fairs, or even a great national park.

4 American Experiences that Every Tourist Should Have while Visiting


The U.S. is full of national parks. The national parks in the west are more famous, but you will find them in the east, which can also be so different.

1. Visit a National Park

Going to one of these classic diners and ordering a hamburger and fries or American Breakfast is a quintessential experience.

2. Go to a Classic Diner and Have a Hamburger and Fries

Americans love sports, from baseball, American football, basketball, and hockey. Each season of the year, there is a great sporting event happening.

3. Go to a Sporting Event

American BBQ is a classic food. The food ranges from pulled pork, smoked brisket, ribs, wings, and sides of mac and cheese and cole slaw.

4. Get Covered in Sauce From Eating Ribs and Wings

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