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4 Best Frugal Hacks for New Yorkers

Life in New York is brimming with excitement, culture, plenty of traffic, and, unfortunately, sky-high prices. Boasting one of the highest living costs in the United States, sometimes it can feel impossible to save a few dollars.

Luckily, New Yorkers recently met in an online discussion to reveal their best frugal hacks to ease the tension on your wallet!

4 Best Frugal Hacks for New Yorkers


If the prices of live entertainment in New York seem spiraling out of control, no worries: joining a seat-filler club gives you a chance to see shows for next to nothing! One NYC native explains it perfectly.

1. Theater Seat-Filler Clubs

One of the savviest frugal hacks for New Yorkers is taking advantage of resident pricing, especially when visiting museums! Some places, like the Met, allow New Yorkers to pay “what they wish.”

2. Take Advantage of Resident Pricing

Forget supermarkets and grocery stores — visiting local fruit stands and markets in your neighborhood is the way to save money!

3. Visit Local Fruit Markets

“Even before inflation, I would buy a fresh bagel each morning (usually for maybe $1 or so) and use my own spreads,” he confesses. “It saves a lot for bagel addicts, like myself, who eat multiple bagels a week.”

4. The Bagel Hack

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