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4 Big Things It Takes To Become a Millionaire

The word millionaire: is it losing its value or gaining more? I often consider this question because while those with money may say having one million bucks isn't the same as it used to be, a growing wealth divide means those at the other end would be happy to test the hypothesis.

The Internet is sharing its thoughts on what is necessary to become a millionaire in the modern age. Here are some takeaways.

4 Big Things It Takes To Become a Millionaire


“We got there by not keeping too much cash around,” claims our opening batter. “Anything over six months' salary is wasted by not investing properly.”

1. Don't Save; Invest

Many people have all their wealth tied up in a 401k or property assets. “I will wake up at 60 and be quite well off,” explains a frugal commenter.

2. Asset Rich; Cash Poor

In The Dark Knight, the one mob character asks the Joker why if it is so easy, he hasn't killed Batman already. His answer: “If you're good at something, never do it for free.”

3. Choosing Wisely

“Save your money,” advises a wise person. “Don't spend money you don't have; don't try to live like a millionaire until you become a millionaire.”

4. No Faking It Till You Are Making It

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