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4 Biggest Wastes of Money According to an Online Forum

It happens to us, maybe we have buyer’s remorse on an item, but it happens.

Searching for some of the biggest wastes of money, an online forum had tons of responses

4 biggest wastes of money


People like to pay to meet and greet celebrities, but many do not see the point. It can be costly; the stars do not know who you are, so why waste the money?

1. Celebrity Meet and Greets

NFT Artwork is such a massive waste of money. People created them to bring a physical element to the digital world, but the price so high on so many of these is a total waste.

2. NFT Artwork

It is an expensive experience for people to try. The food costs a ridiculous amount of money for little or no nutrition.

3. Gold Food

Many people may buy super expensive clothes to show off that they have money. In reality, that is one of the biggest wastes of money.

4. Buying Expensive Clothes As Flex

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