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4 Cheapest Countries to Visit on Your Next Adventure

For many people that enjoy traveling, there cannot be a better way to enjoy travel than visiting some of the cheapest countries in the world.

These countries will be easy on your wallet and offer many great adventures to experience and enjoy.

4 Cheapest Countries to visit while on a budget


Visiting Portugal is becoming an expat thing to do. The reason is that the culture is excellent, the healthcare is terrific, and the country is so affordable to live in and visit.

1. Portugal

You can go to Borneo and get certified as a PADI Open Water SCUBA diver for a very cheap. 

2. Malaysia

If you want to see beauty on a budget, you must go to the Philippines. The archipelago is full of beautiful sights, fantastic food, and great hospitality.

3. The Philippines

Thailand is known for its beauty, great food like pad thai, and the affordability of visiting there. Many expats go there to retire because money can go a long way there.

4. Thailand

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