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4 Convenience Services That Frugal Folks Deemed Worth the Money

“Convenience” and “frugality” aren't words you'll often find in the same sentence. Unless that sentence is “convenience and frugality aren't words you'll often find in the same sentence.”

Convenience is not cheap. And yet, even the most frugal savers recognize that some convenience services are well worth the higher price tags.

When it comes to high-value convenience services, some stand above the rest.


You're either going to burn a valuable favor from a friend who has a truck (and an able body), blow out your back trying to lift your heaviest furniture, or—best-case scenario—spend an entire day lifting, turning, setting down, washing, rinsing, and repeating.

1. Paying Movers

For shoppers grasping at every extra minute they can find, grocery delivery and pickup options are well worth the cost.

2. Grocery Delivery and Pickup

Instead of changing the oil yourself, the mechanic already has a grease-stained shirt, an expert's understanding of changing the oil, and a readymade disposal plan for the old sludge. 

3. Getting Your Oil Changed

Those who do their own cleaning know the tyranny of dust, crumbs, and general grime.

4. Hiring a Cleaning Service

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