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4 Countries That Have the Best National Anthems in the World

A national anthem should trigger pride, nostalgia, and unity; the music must be vibrant and uplifting.

A recent online forum asks people to name their favorite one. Here are four great national anthems — in no particular order.

Countries That Have the Best National Anthems in the World


While my English national anthem doesn't make the cut (sorry, your Majesty), Wales' uplifting, chest-swelling “Land of My Fathers” never fails to bring goosebumps.

1. Wales: “Land of My Fathers”

That some American citizens refuse to sing, stand, or acknowledge “Star Spangled Banner” is surprising to most Brits, who would love such an emotive national song. The message of hope and unity never fails to deliver.

2. The United States of America: “Star Spangled Banner”

“La Marseillaise is ridiculously stirring,” declares our next thread leader. “Whenever I see the scene in Casablanca where the patrons of Rick's Cafe drown out the Nazis by singing La Marseillaise, I can't help singing along at the top of my lungs.”

3. France: “La Marseillaise”

“I am from the U.S., but I like Canada's national anthem more,” says a contributor. Those Canadians maybe feel the same as I do about our shared dirge-like British national anthem, so who can blame them for adding a new one?

4. Canada: “Oh, Canada”

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