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4 European Cities That Are Off the Beaten Path (Not For Long)

Looking to veer away from the beaten tourist cities in Europe? Despite the allure of places like Paris, Rome, and Barcelona, an entire continent is full of undiscovered gems just waiting to be explored.

In this helpful guide, we have mentioned the top-most European cities that are off the beaten path you must visit.

These cities have something special to offer everyone, regardless of your interest in history, art, or cuisine.


Norway's Trondheim is a mesmerizing city that skillfully combines modernism and heritage. It offers beauty and adventure since it is tucked away amid stunning mountains and fjords.

1. Trondheim, Norway

Granada, Spain, a city overshadowed by Barcelona and Madrid, is shown as a hidden gem. As the historic Moorish stronghold, Granada is rich in Spanish and Islamic history and located on the coast of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

2. Granada, Spain

Calling all beer connoisseurs, history buffs, and cafe lovers! Your ultimate destination is Bratislava.

3. Bratislava, Slovakia

As the nation's capital, it offers many attractions and is home to the first known Maltese balconies. Discover breathtaking views with twin lighthouses, see magnificent Roman Catholic churches, and savor verdant gardens.

4. Valletta, Malta

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