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4 Expensive Purchases That May Signal You Are Bad With Money

It feels good to spend some cash on something that genuinely makes us happy. But sometimes, we can exceed our means and overspend on items that may not be wise investments.

Later on the way, you will feel the consequences, and it's not always easy to turn back.

4 Expensive Purchases That May Signal You Are Bad With Money


These vehicles are expensive and can make you spend more on maintenance and fuel than expected. In addition, cars lose value very fast even if it is expensive – so you have to think twice if you really want to overspend.

1. Luxury Cars

This is wild how people spend hundreds of dollars on clothes that they will barely wear. A phenomenon called FOMO, or Fear Of Missing Out, leads people to impulse buy designer clothes they can scarcely afford.

2. Designer Clothes

Whether it's the new iPhone or the latest gaming console, it's hard to resist these modern gadgets. For example, the last Apple phone is almost identical to the latest one in terms of features, but some people still want to get the newest even if it costs a lot of money.

3. Expensive Gadgets

Just like clothing and cars, people also love to flex on their peers and show off by buying a luxurious home. But these are usually unaffordable, and you borrow way too much money than necessary.

4. High-End Homes

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