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4 Frugal Habits to Transform Your Finances

The average person can use different frugal habits to transform their finances from being broke to having more money for savings and investments.

Living a frugal life means making sacrifices, but it also means saving more money in the process.

Here are 16 frugal habits to transform your finances.


Trying to save money starts with a plan. A meal plan for the week allows you to buy, prep, and plan what you eat. It is known of this on these fly things and going grocery shopping when you are hungry.

1. Make a Meal Plan

As we age, we tend to collect things. That may not always be a good thing when trying to make space, go and move, or even downsize.

2. Embrace Minimalism

By taking cold showers, you can save anywhere from $50-90 a month on electricity bills. How much money you can save by switching how you shower is incredible.

3. Take Cold Showers

Buying coffee at Starbucks every day can eat up your monthly budget. If you are going to work every day and pay $3 for a Tall latte, that can amount to $15 a week and $780 a year.

4. Make Coffee At Home

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