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4 Frugal Tips People Don’t Want You To Know and Ruin for Us

Finding gold can be arduous; when you do, you want to keep it to yourself. It's why people “gatekeep” their favorite artists, songs, and movies, scared that if people knew about them, they would ruin it somehow.

Like movies and songs, there are frugal life hacks most people don't want others to know about. Luckily, we have compiled a few of them because, hey, there is no joy in possession without sharing.

So, sit back with your notepads or prepare to make mental notes of these life-saving discoveries.


Why waste hundreds and thousands of dollars on huge brand names when you can find equally beautiful and quality products from thrift stores?

1. Thrifting

Here's one that will be relevant for years. These “perfectly fine antique pieces” save you lots of money.

2. Restoring Old Furniture

One can find some of the best things at estate sales. The auctions, held to dispose of the properties of a recently deceased person or one who has to move, may be overcrowded.

3. Estate Sales

Buy Nothing Groups are one of the best things about the internet, Facebook, specifically. These groups and giveaway sites have gifted folks some of their most prized possessions.

4. Buy Nothing Groups on Facebook

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