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4 Frugal Ways to Save Money That Most People Don’t Realize 

Frugality starts with learning how to be creative with your spending. It is not about being cheap but finding deals and quality to help your money last longer.

Many people need to realize that little actions can help save a ton of money.

Here are 4 frugal ways to save money that most people don’t realize.


Taking care of your stuff is one way to make your things last longer. A poster said, “Take good care of the things you currently own and use them for as long as you can. Buy replacement things less often.

1. Take Good Care of Things You Own

Most people budget for the necessities of life like rent, food, clothing, and transportation, but do you ever budget for fun money? One poster suggested, “if you are being super careful with money and don’t do anything fun…it gets old.

2. Budget for “Fun Money”

Black Friday sales are great if you are looking for a specific item and it gets marked down, but many people buy things they don’t even need and waste money. It’s better to forget about them if you do not need anything.

3. Forget About Black Friday Sales

One poster commented, “Cooking your own food, in general, is a good way to save money in addition to being able to customize everything to your taste and knowing exactly what goes into the food.”

4. Pack lunch

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