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4 Fun Things to do With Friends For Free

Creating good habits for saving, investing, and sticking with your budget should not be a deterrent to fun things to do with friends.

Having fun with friends for free is very obtainable, with many different things being offered in communities, from local concerts, movies in the park, and even doing games nights at home.

Think creatively and look at this free list of how to have fun with friends.


Use your local resources to find free activities in your area. Your local library, community center, and HOAs are great places to find free activities.

1.    Find Free Local Activities

Exploring your national parks is a great way to take in nature and get to know your area better. You can even check out the park multiple times, taking different paths each time.

2.    Find Local National Parks

Many people don’t know that their local museums and zoos have free days. Check out the websites of museums in your state within a short drive, and check out their free days.

3.    Free Museum or Zoo Days

Most communities host free concerts in the park in the summer. Look at your local community and surrounding communities to have some variety.

4.    Attend Concerts in the Park

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