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4 Great Things About Living in the United States. Do You Agree? 

The United States sometimes gets a bad rap, but many believe the country is home to some things you can't get anywhere else.

Recently, Americans and world travelers alike met in an online discussion to reveal all the best parts about living in the United States!

4 Great Things About Living in the United States


Beaches, suburbs, cities, mountains, farms, deserts, forests, and other diverse geographical locations make great options for someone looking to make a fresh start!

1. The Variety of Places To Live

The U.S. takes pride in welcoming people from all walks of life, and it's one of the basic foundations of what the country was initially founded on. “America is a melting pot,” reports one man.

2. Cultural Diversity

Contrary to popular belief, Americans are friendly folk, which many tourists were happy to discover! “American people are also very friendly!” explains one digital nomad.

3. Its Friendly People

At least where I'm from, it's perfectly normal to stop by a Burger King, use the bathroom, and then leave without actually buying anything,” reports one man.

4. Free Public Restrooms

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