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4 Grueling Jobs That Made People Question Their Life Choices

From being a janitor at a theme park to being a United States Armed Forces member, you'll be surprised what people have gone through just to earn a living.

4 Grueling Jobs


Being in charge of draining airplane toilets is the worst occupation I've ever heard of. However, it must pay well because it's an actual job!

1. Airport Lavatory Truck Operator

“I worked at SeaWorld, and my job was just to walk up and down segments of the park sweeping pathways, keeping trash cans empty, and cleaning restrooms,” reveals one man.

2. Theme Park Janitor

Unfortunately, holding the position of pizza cook means you're most likely in a high-stress, fast-paced environment where your love for pizza pales compared to the restaurant's need to pump out as many delicious pies as possible.

3. Pizza Cook

While Best Buy is known for being America's go-to electronics and appliance store, it seemingly comes at a cost. Many people regard their tenure at the retailer as the worst experience of their lives.

4. Best Buy Employee

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