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4 Jobs People Have Completely Romanticized but Honestly Suck 

However, in a recent online post, professionals share their thoughts on over-romanticized jobs.

Jobs People Have Completely Romanticized but Honestly Suck


Modern culture loves to romanticize life on beautiful pasture land with nothing but nature and big skies as a company. But this cliché is far from realistic.

1. Raising Livestock

While Bond lets men dream about having a license to kill, the reality of being a spy is the constant threat of assassination and no public recognition for serving one's country.

2. Being a Spy

A geoscience specialist relives the days when they were posted to a research base in Antarctica, which most people would dream of.

3. Working in Antarctica

While young people dream of sitting in that exposed brick writing room and bouncing ideas off other like-minded scribes, this trope may be misleading.

4. Being an Entertainment Intern

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