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4 Luxuries Europeans Take for Granted That Americans Love

The U.S.A. is a great country filled with many great amenities, but often as we look at other countries, we wonder if we could have a slice of that.

Europe has many everyday luxuries that Americans would love to have in their country.

Here are four everyday luxuries that Europeans may take for granted but Americans would love to have.


In many places, wine and beer are cheaper than water. It is luxury that Europeans can have, and many American enjoy indulging in when they arrive in Europe.

1. A Cheap Glass of Wine

It is mandatory to have four weeks of vacation for every worker. Many other countries go beyond the four weeks, but at least you know you will have four weeks' leave.

2. Four Weeks Vacation

n Europe, many countries and companies offer to pay their employees for vacation. It is different from paid time off. It is like a bonus to be spent on vacation.

3. Extra Pay For Vacation Months

Many Americans complain about how expensive healthcare in America tends to be. In Europe, public healthcare is affordable and fantastic to help keep people healthy and not broke.

4. Public Healthcare

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