4 of the Best States To Live In According to Americans

The U.S. is a diverse and wonderful place to live, but not all states are created equal — especially in the eyes of Americans. Some states are simply more desirable to live in than others.

Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal the best states to live in. Trust me; a few of these will shock you!

4 of the Best States To Live In According to Americans

Although it notoriously taxes its highest-earning residents at a high rate, it's a small price to pay for its pristine beaches, weather, and objectively beautiful residents.

1. California

“I truly believe Alaska is the best,” admits one woman. “The people here are genuinely friendly and kind from what I've experienced, and the open space is divine.

2. Alaska

The Tar Heel State is a microcosm of the United States — it has a diverse population living in many different geographic regions. Whether you are liberal or conservative, love the beach or the mountains — and anything in between — North Carolina has it all!

3. North Carolina

Arguably the jewel of the American Midwest, Wisconsin has plenty of culture, history, and friendly residents, making it an attractive place to move to. “I've traveled the U.S. extensively, and it's truly an underrated state,” says one traveler.

4. Wisconsin

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