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4 of The Best Things To Do In Nashville, Tennessee

Nicknamed the “Music City,” Nashville is known for its unparalleled energy and vibrancy.

Nashville is also the hometown of famous figures, including President Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson, making it the ideal holiday destination for history buffs.

Here are 4 of The Best Things to Do in Nashville


Known for hosting the longest-running radio show in the world, the Opry radio station has broadcasted its show for over 4,600 consecutive Saturday nights. It began in 1925 as a live music show at radio station WSM.

Visit The Grand Ole Opry

Standing on former farmland given to the city by the Croft family in the 90s, the zoo is now home to over 3000 animals and 350 species.

Visit Nashville Zoo

If you are visiting Nashville, TN, chances are that you will want to find out why this place is called “Music City.” Places like the Grand Ole Opry, the Johnny Cash Museum, The BlueBird Cafe, and many more places to reminisce about the music.

Country Music Hall of Fame

Located right off the Cumberland River in Cumberland Park. It is a new innovative park to create green space and active activities for children and families to enjoy.

Cumberland Park

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