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3 of the Biggest Wastes of Money According to an Online Forum

People all around the world waste money. It happens to us, maybe we have buyer’s remorse on an item, but it happens.

Searching for some of the biggest wastes of money, an online forum had tons of responses, and here are the 3 biggest wastes of money.



People often hear stories of others hitting the jackpot and gaining a million dollars. How much money do people waste hoping to hit that jackpot?

1. Lottery Tickets

A Reddit Reward is something other Reddit posters may give someone for a great comment. It costs Reddit coins, which you must purchase.

2. Reddit Rewards

Many people may wonder why some of these Twitch streamers get donations. It is understandable if you are subscribing, but many people are donating to them.

3. Donations to Twitch Streamers

Quality is much better than quantity. When you constantly have to replace items because you are too cheap to buy quality, you are wasting money.

4. Buying Cheap Things You Have to Replace

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