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4 of the Scummiest Ways That People Make Money Legally

There are seemingly endless ways to make money legally, but some carry a negative stigma. Recently, people met in an online discussion to reveal the scummiest ways to make a living.

Fair warning: Some of these will make your blood boil!

Scummiest Ways That People Make Money Legally


As any Taylor Swift fan knows, reselling tickets is a great way to make money — if you don't mind that by doing so, you'll be universally hated by everyone!

1. Scalping Event Tickets

Countless people recall dealing with toilet paper shortages and evil resellers selling them at 100 times their retail value. Taking advantage of other people to make a quick buck is shameful.

2. Reselling Scarce Items

“Kicking people when they're down with massive interest rates when they are already low on money and are desperate enough to get such a loan is predatory behavior,” explains one man.

3. Payday Loans

People are near-unanimous with their thoughts on multi-level marketing schemes: Pyramid schemes like MLMs are scummy to the highest degree.

4. Multi-Level Marketing Schemes

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