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4 of the Worst Cities To Travel in the United States 

From the restaurants to the nightlife to the architecture – and everything in between – exploring a new town is at the top of most travelers' to-do lists.

However, not all cities are worth the trip! Recently, a group of adventurers converged in an online discussion with one goal: reveal the worst cities to visit in the United States.

Worst Cities To Travel in the United States


“Once outside downtown Detroit every street I saw had abandoned homes that looked like there had been a war there,” one man says. 

1. Detroit, Michigan

New Orleans is a tourist's haven for debauchery and fun times, and it's a city everybody should visit. However, after you and a group of friends stroll down Bourbon Street once, please do yourself a favor and call it a night.

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

Despite its gorgeous landscape and rich history, San Francisco has unfortunately suffered from an increased homeless population problem in recent years.

3. San Francisco, California

Although generally, the city of St. Louis is safe, the part of town known as East St. Louis lives up to its dangerous reputation. One traveler admits that it is the city he will avoid for the rest of his life.

4. St. Louis, Missouri

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