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4 of the Worst Types of Coworkers You’ll Ever Work With

A recent online post shares people's character profiles for the real-life characters they know in their office job.

Worst Types of Coworkers


“The married-to-their-job people that think bending over backward for a company is some badge of honor,” says an embittered employee. Nothing enrages a workforce more than the self-righteous office hero — you know the one.

1. The Office Hero

We all know the brave work warriors who come into the office regardless of their health, lest they take a sick day. 

2. The Never Sick Worker

On the flip side, we have the absent worker. “The ‘I'm sick every week,' or ‘My kids are sick every day' people when they are clearly not,” one annoyed office clerk confesses. “Can't stand them.”

3. The Always Sick Worker

“Non-stop talkers drive me crazy!” says an enraged employee. “I have trouble with being easily distracted in the first place, so someone who's constantly talking, whether you're interacting with them or not, drives me up the wall.”

4. The Office Chatterbox

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