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4 Simple Frugal Tips That Will Significantly Change Your Life

In our consumer culture, spending money is an everyday part of life. We buy food, care products, and tickets to our favorite band's concert.

But it can be hard to be frugal in a world full of advertisements urging us to hand over our hard-earned cash for the best new blender.

Others came to the comments section with their best ideas.


If you have an online shopping habit and spend way more than you mean to, you could implement this clever 48-hour trick. 

1. Wait 48 Hours

Get in the mindset that your money is directly linked to the hours you work. Say you make $20 per hour. If you're looking at a $200 air fryer, consider it ten hours of work. Is your precious time worth it?

2. Time is Money

Many online stores offer a wishlist option, so you don't have to add items directly to your cart. Instead, try adding something you want to your wishlist rather than pressing purchase immediately.

3. Add Items to Your Wishlist

Leisure activities cost money, whether attending a concert, attending a baseball game, or even subscribing to a streaming service. But did you know there are often community events and venues you can access for free?

4. Find Fun Free Activities Near You

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