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4 Super Cool Things to do in Antigua, Guatemala

It is a vibrant town with cobblestone streets, adorable cafes, and volcanoes. It is very easy to fall in love with this city.

So, if you want to know the incredible things to enjoy and explore there, here is a list of the 4 super cool things to do in Antigua.

Most Interesting Things to do in Antigua


Excellent traditional meals and a wide range of crafts, apparel, and other goods are available in the Central Market. You can enjoy shopping at bustling markets and interacting with locals, and getting a true sense of the country.

1. Visit the Central Market

Las Capuchinas Convent is another old ruin that you will love exploring. The convent de las Capuchinas suffered significant damage in the earthquake of 1773, and like so many other colonial structures in Antigua, it was abandoned soon after.

2. Wander Around the Convent of las Capuchinas

One of the most iconic pictures of Antigua is the cross on the hill with Antigua to the south, with the mighty Volcan de Agua sitting in the background.

3. Visit Cerro de la Cruz (Hill Of the Cross)

You may try some authentic Guatemalan cuisine prepared by Guatemalans, and it's inexpensive and delectable. The market or park area is the finest place to find street food.

4. Try out the Local Food in Antigua

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