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4 Things It’s Like for Travelers Who Are Traveling Solo

As the old saying goes, the best travel companion is yourself! Exploring new countries on your own is an exciting proposition, but many people who have yet to experience it have many questions about it.

In an online discussion, experienced solo travelers recently answered questions about what it's like to travel alone, and their answers were illuminating.

Although traveling alone can be a scary thought for many people, most travelers say that looking back, they developed a sense of appreciation for who they were when they were most lonely.

1. You'll Learn To Appreciate Your Loneliness

Many people need to realize that traveling solo requires even more planning than usual compared to traveling with others. 

2. It Requires Extra Planning

When traveling alone, nobody can influence how you feel, interpret, or see what's in front of you. It's just you and your emotions, making for a cathartic experience.

3. Bias Doesn't Exist

A fear for many solo travelers is the issue of making friends along the way. But, as it turns out, this fear is entirely unfounded – you just need to take the initiative to make connections.

4. It's Easy To Make Friends

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