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4 Things Japan Does Better Than the Rest of the World

Have you ever been to Japan or wondered why so many people visit?

Society brings about order amid a chaotic world. What are some things Japan does better than the rest of the world?

Here are 4 things Japan does better than the rest of the world


If you walk around Japan, you may notice a lack of public trash cans, which may be a little concerning for the foreign traveler, but many Japanese will take their trash home or find the nearest trash can to drop their trash off.

1. Clean Streets

They are usually on time and efficient. Many posters have commented that Japanese trains can be delayed, but they enjoy the efficiency of the trains and how great they are.

2. The Trains

Japan has the most 7-11s in the world, and these convenience stores have great options for food. The great thing is that the food is nutritious and affordable.

3. Cheap Excellent Food

Vending machines in Japan are on a whole other level compared to the rest of the world. There are vending machines for food, soup, beer, coffee, sandwiches, and eggs.

4. Vending Machines

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