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4 Things People Miss About Life Before the Internet

The internet has brought about new things, new ideas, new adventures, and a wealth of information.

It has also brought us to a standstill with staring at our phones every waking moment, being distracted by notifications, and constantly needing instant gratification.

Many people miss life before the internet. Here are 4 things people miss about life before the internet.


Kids, teenagers, and others would go outside for adventures on bicycles or even for bbqs with neighbors. There was no worry about time or what else could happen.

1. Hanging Outside Without Distractions

You would not think boredom would be good, but it inspired people to get creative, dive into books, and figure things out. Now, with a phone or the internet in our hands, we no longer feel the need to get creative or live in boredom.

2. Boredom

The answers to everything were not wrapped in one phrase “Google It.” It was the excitement of wondering if a movie would be good, a new CD would have good songs, or if you were to have some great plans for the weekend.

3. Wonderment

Before the internet, you would listen to abot war or atrocities happening in other countries and feel how far away things are from your world. 

4. How Big the World Felt

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