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4 Things People Swear You Should Never Spend Money On

Treating yourself to a luxury item or experience can give you a lot of joy, but sometimes, being excessive can be a detriment.

In a recent online discussion, people revealed all the things that they would never, ever spend money on.

From valet parking to first-class flights and everything in between, some things people refuse to spend their hard-earned cash on are eye-opening!


Is overpaying for a car that doubles as a status symbol worth it? Many people swear you shouldn't pay for a luxury car under any circumstances.

1. Luxury Cars

Here's a newsflash: Children (especially newborns and toddlers) quickly outgrow clothing, so you're throwing money away if you purchase expensive kids' clothes.

2. Expensive Children's Clothing

Countless people confess that they haven't paid full price for hotel rooms in years and often pay nothing. 

3. Hotels

A longstanding sign of being wealthy, taking advantage of valet parking is a waste of money in the eyes of many. “No matter how much money I make, I'll never do valet parking,” confesses one man.

4. Valet Parking

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