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4 Things That Even Millennials Can’t Argue With Boomers About

People that are older or considered Boomers have many opinions on how life used to be. As technology advances, many items that continue to change may not be for the better.

We may not always agree with every generation, but here are 4 things most people agree with Boomers.

4 Things That Even Millennials Can’t Argue With Boomers About


These days all vehicles are getting touchscreens. It is the way of the world. We have touchscreen phones, and tablets, and now most cars have them too.

1. Touchscreens In Cars Are a Bad Idea

Nowadays, everything seems to be a subscription. Anything from music, TV shows, Movies, you name it, is a subscription. People are getting tired of all the subscriptions.

2. Everything is a Subscription

Do you get onto those automated message machines or bots that take you forever to get to a customer service rep? Going through five to ten different automated menus has become the norm.

3. We Want Human Customer Service Instead of a Bot

Digital media is now the norm for many people. It takes less space and is portable, but in the end, if a file is corrupted or a hard drive or SSD breaks in some way, all that information is gone.

4. Physical Media Like Books

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