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4 Things Women Confess Make Them Feel Rich

For millions of women, sometimes the best thing in the world is the feeling of being rich — even if you're not. Countless things make women feel rich, from getting their nails done to having a high credit score.

Recently, women met in an online discussion to reveal everything, big or small, that they say makes them feel filthy rich.

4 Things Women Confess Make Them Feel Rich


Any woman who ever had to stressfully check their bank account before making a purchase knows that it is accompanied by a feeling that is the opposite of feeling rich.

1. Making a Purchase Without Checking Your Account First

Out of all the things that women confess to make them feel rich, getting massages is most popular among females.

2. Getting a Massage

According to countless women, the feeling of filling up their tank completely every time they visit a gas station is unparalleled!

3. Filling Up Your Gas Tank

The little things in life matter most; countless women admit that a regularly-scheduled manicure or pedicure is one of their favorite things. “Being able to get my nails done every month makes me feel rich,” confesses one woman.

4. Getting Your Nails Done Regularly

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