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4 Things You Would Use $10,000 for If You Had it Right Now

Many people use some extra cash, whether it be paying off debt, looking for other investments, or simpling saving it.

If you had $10,000 right now, how would you use it? On an online forum, many posters commented with opinions on how they would use $10,000 right now.

4 Things You Would Use $10,000 for If You Had it Right Now 


Student loans may be the bane of our existence as schools get more expensive, and these loans hang over our heads as we look for jobs and try to start our financial future on the right foot.

1. Student Loans

Investing can be simpler by investing in a low-cost index fund ETF or simply going with an S&P 500 ETF that allows investors to have returns equal to the market. $10,000 can be a great way to continue that investment journey.

2. ETFs

$10,000 may not be as much money as it once was, but one poster put it this way, “Save it until you hit $25000, get a duplex on an FHA loan with a 5% down payment, move in and then rent the other half the amount that it costs to pay the mortgage.”

3. Real Estate

A good emergency fund starts with putting your money away in a savings account to earn interest. As interest rates have risen, you can get a reasonable rate from 3.75%-4.5% or even higher.

4. Savings Account

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