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4 Tips for Visiting Adult Children in New Cities

Visiting your adult children in new cities may come with mixed emotions. Realistically, we don't want our children living far from us.

But if they do, a thoughtful visit is appreciated. Before starting your journey, here are the best tips to consider.

4 Tips for Visiting Adult Children


You don't want to show up unannounced, even at your children's house. Don't assume that you would be welcome any time of the year. Remember, they are grown adults and also need their privacy.

1. Ask First

If you can't leave your home unattended for the duration of your trip because of pets or the fact that it needs constant supervision, find a house sitter who will help out.

2. Find a Trusted House Sitter if Needed

Depending on how long you visit, this could be a condo, Airbnb, or a hotel, precisely because you don't want your children to feel cramped in their space.

3. Rent a Place To Stay Before Setting Off

Those who have done this saw it as an adventurous experience and highly convenient as they spent some time on the road and could park to enjoy a meal or get some sleep.

4. Try the RV Lifestyle if You Want More Adventure

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